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Can dogs eat almonds?

Who doesn’t love almonds? They are delicious, nutritious, and best of all they are bite size. Their crunchy goodness can often lead me personally to eat handfuls at a time, indulging in their delightful nutty flavors. But do they make a good snack for dogs? It’s a shame that almonds are no good as aContinue reading “Can dogs eat almonds?”

A puppy poem

A puppy is a precious thing With a heart that’s filled with love So cherish every moment For to be loved by a puppy Is a special gift Because pure love is not always easy to find And puppies just give it away for free All you have to do is be there Puppies bringContinue reading “A puppy poem”

A walk with Maple

Okay, so to start this out, I watched this video to make sure it worked, and Maple heard me call her name and got super confused, and now she thinks we’re gonna go for a walk again. Walking with Maple is a fun little adventure every time with new things to discover (usually her discoveringContinue reading “A walk with Maple”

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