A Year with Maple

A lot of people look back on the last two years and consider them some of the worst years of their lives, but it’s different for me. In early 2020, I managed to defeat my depression, then I wrote and self-published a book, and on October 1st, I found Maple. 2020 was one of the best years of my life.

When I first brought her home, she was so nervous and sweet. She seemed so timid which was one of the main reasons I picked her at the shelter. For the first few months, I didn’t even know if she could bark. The only sounds she would make are her groans as she shifts around when she’s lying down or stretching. She was just as sweet as her name Maple Syrup Lee. My grandma helped me name her Maple, and the rest just seems obvious. She’s my Maple Syrup, and she’s just as sweet as she is spoiled.

Of course, for our one year anniversary, I had to spoil her some more. I had planned for it since the day we met, and she was happy to receive her gift of steak for breakfast and dinner. She eats dry dog food and dry treats and that’s basically it, except for the rare occasion when I toss her a chicken bone, which she greedily snatches up.

She didn’t know what to think when I cut up that steak and put it in her bowl, but she loved it all the same. She hopped around with joyous anticipation for that food, and gobbled it up in minutes. Then she sniffed around for more, not quite ready to let it go. I tried to tell her to eat it slow and savor it, but she never takes my advice.

I used to think she couldn’t bark, but after she got used to her new home, she let me know just how loud she could bark. She loves looking out the window, and I’m not quite sure why, because she just ends up working herself into a fit about everything she sees out there, especially the neighbor’s cat, which I believe taunts her on purpose. She’ll sit right in front of Maple’s line of sight and casually groom herself, while Maple begs me to let her out. Then there’s the ever present danger of people walking down the street. Heaven forbid anybody decides to walk outside anywhere near our house. Maple just will not stand for it.

She’s a cuddler, there’s no denying it. She loves to cuddle up to me while she’s napping. And at night, she likes to be under the covers and pressed up against my legs. Sometimes, she lays just a little bit to the side of me, and stretches her paws out to touch me, which is great trying to sleep with those claws digging into my side. I usually forgive her, of course, and gently turn them so they aren’t hurting me any more. I remember the first time I woke up to her putting herself into my arms, making herself the little spoon while I was sleeping. Those were the mornings where I had the most trouble trying to wake up. She’s so warm and soft, she just lulls me into a deep slumber. When I’m on the couch reading or watching T.V. or playing video games, she’s always coming up to me, laying across my legs or climbing up my side and laying directly behind my head.

The love seat is hers now. She’s got the whole thing to herself, but she still has to invade my space to cuddle half the time. Of course, I encourage her to. She likes to lick my head, and if I let her, she can lick for an hour straight. And if I stop her, she’ll just lick the air or the couch.

Having her in my life for a year has been one of the biggest blessings. She’s my best friend and she’s just full of love, and fills my heart with love as well. I wrote a poem for her, so I’ll share it here.

Home is where my dog is

No matter where we roam

As long as she is with me

I know that I am home

She kisses me and cuddles me

She’s sweeter than her name

Maple’s love is unconditional

And mine is just the same

If home is where your heart is

My heart belongs to her

My heart has four legs and a snout

With brindle colored fur

She nibbles on my hand

I say, “You’re more than just your teeth”

She likes to lay her head on me

Whenever she’s asleep

Puppy love is underrated

It’s the truest form there is

It never steals your happiness

It only ever gives

In my house or in a hotel room

Or sleeping on the ground

I’ll know that I am truly home

Whenever she’s around

M is for the moments

A is always true

P is for the pleasure that I get from loving you

L speaks for itself, while

E is everything to me

Maple is my heart and soul

We’re truly meant to be

I know she’s just a puppy

But she brings me so much joy

She’s my favorite person

And I’m her favorite toy

I hope she and I have many many more years together. And who knows? Maybe some day I’ll bring another puppy into our family, and adopt a brother or sister for her. For now, she’s content playing with me and the neighbor’s dog. And she’s become fast friends with my grandma’s dog, Bosco.

Thank you for reading, and come back next week for more dog related blogging! I appreciate everybody who reads and who leaves those likes and comments. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading today’s entry. Next week, I’ll get back to some more informative things, but this week I’ve just been celebrating a year with Maple. Feel free to comment and tell me about your furry friends, and check out the Pupper Blog’s other social media pages for more content. Be sure to take care of yourselves and your pets. Much love to you from me and Maple!

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I am a lover of animals, especially dogs. I am a blogger and clothing designer and a freelance writer.

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