Are dogs mouths cleaner than humans?

There is a common misconception that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. This idea is widely believed despite the fact that dogs often eat the grossest things they find and have no qualms with licking their own butts. Now, the answer to this question isn’t really a yes or a no, it’s a little more complicated than that.

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While dogs and humans are both considered mammals, they are still wildly different species with different digestive needs, and therefore have very different types of bacteria lining their digestive tracts, including their mouths. Given the rarity of interspecies diseases, most of the bacteria found in a dog’s mouth would be benign to a human, so there is no real or present danger from puppy kisses. This is not to say that foreign bacteria might get into a dog’s mouth and transfer to a human, causing illness, like salmonella if a pupper were to get ahold of some raw chicken.

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As far as if they are dirtier when comparing the amount of bacteria, well humans and dogs actually have a similar amount of different species of bacteria in their mouths, ranging at around 600 different types. One type rarely found in dogs mouths is called clostridium tetani. Although it is rare, it can often cause severe illness and even death, which is why it is usually recommended to receive a tetanus shot after getting bit by a dog. Most mammals are susceptible to this disease, but dogs are rather resilient and can have some of the bacteria around their mouths, transferring it through bites that break the skin.

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With dog bites in particular, there are other factors that can lead to infection of the wound and if you are a victim of a dog bite, you should take immediate action to clean and disinfect the wound while also visiting a doctor within two days to prevent any major infections or illness.

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Another interesting fact regarding dog saliva and many mammals saliva is the antibacterial properties. I know, I’ve been saying how much bacteria there is, but those are mostly the good kind that help in digestion. It turns out, our urge to put our papercuts directly into our mouths and a dog’s habit of licking their wounds can have some benefit. There is the benefit of cleaning the area around the wound and a bit of disinfecting of the wound as well, if your mouth is clean of course. Now, this is no substitute to modern sanitary practices. A clean wet towel and some modern antibiotic will no doubt be a much better choice for cleaning a fresh cut over licking your wound or letting your dog lick your wound.

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So as far as the question of whether a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth. The answer is, not necessarily. You might as well compare apples to oranges. There are similarities, but they’re just too different to come to a definitive conclusion. One similarity between dog mouths and human mouths is that they both require good dental hygiene. Taking care of your teeth and your pupper’s teeth can help you both live longer healthier lives and avoid illness in many forms.

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So, while there is no need to fear them puppy kisses, you might want to consider where that pupper’s mouth has been before accepting that kind of affection. Always keep your puppy happy and healthy, and part of that is brushing their teeth.

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