A brief history of Dalmatians

Dalmatians are easily one of the most recognizable breeds with their white coats covered in black spots. They’ve been known to ride with firemen and cause all kinds of trouble for that wicked Cruella DeVille. They were my favorite breed when I was a child (likely because of that famous Disney cartoon), and I always talked about getting one.

Back then, I didn’t know much about them. And after reading up on them, I’ve learned that they are a bit of an enigma, at least as far as their origins and the origins of their names. They’re quite rambunctious animals, known for their high energy and long endurance. Added to all that, they are quite beautiful and remarkable creatures.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

The exact origin of Dalmatians hasn’t really been pinpointed. Hints of their existence is found going back 6000 years supposedly owned by an Egyptian King. Remains of a painting found in Europe dated back 4000 years shows three Dalmatians hunting a boar.

There is evidence of Dalmatians found in Asia. One theory that makes sense to me is that they originate from Dalmatia, a province of Austria. I mean, if we’re going with Occam’s Razor, either the dog was named after the province, or the province was named after the dog.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

They are as versatile as they are intelligent, which is to say they can perform practically every role there is for a dog to play in human society. They make great guard dogs, hunting dogs, pets, performance dogs, show dogs, and especially coaching dogs. Their original purpose seems to have been running along the side, underneath, behind, and in front of carriages.

Dalmatians are great with horses and horses are great around them. Their instincts and intelligence make them great companions on a long trip. Their fantastic endurance is also a boon when you’re travelling by horse and carriage. Dalmatians will remain alert, protective, and active during long trips and are excellent for clearing roads of people and animals. A pack of Dalmatians is good for defense against robbers or angry wildlife. And they add a distinguished look to your entourage. Their beautiful coats granting an air of posterity and wealth to your caravan.

Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels.com

Their talent for following carriages came in handy when firetrucks were being pulled by horses. Dalmatians acted as companions for the firemen because of their ability to take on multiple roles easily. They guided the firetrucks to the fire, while acting as sirens, barking and letting anybody nearby know that a firetruck was coming. Their natural bond with horses let them become caretakers, keeping the horses calm while the firemen did their jobs. They are also very smart and relatively easy to train with the right kind of positive reinforcement. They are a breed that needs stimulation, as they were bred to be working dogs.

Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels.com

The famous Disney cartoon, 101 Dalmatians, was released in 1961. To this day, the film is a masterpiece, enjoyable to adults and children alike. It is based off of Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel, The One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Since the film’s original release, there have been many spinoffs featuring different characters, and a live action remake, starring Hugh Laurie as one of the two bumbling fools chasing after the dogs.

Photo by Raweena Perera on Pexels.com

They’ve been used successfully as hunting dogs. They’ve performed in circuses. They’ve helped fight fires. They’ve guided people across vast expanses of land, and defended countless against bandits and wildlife. Dalmatians certainly make for great companions. They are smart, beautiful, and highly energetic. They require a lot of attention and love. Their gorgeous and expressive faces make them adorable pets.

Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels.com

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Photo by Bethany Ferr on Pexels.com

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