I’m Thankful for my Puppy

I’m thankful for my puppy

She brings me lots of joy

And even though she tears them up

I bring her lots of toys

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I’m thankful that I found her

And anyone can see

Not only did I rescue her

But Maple rescued me

I’m thankful that she’s sweet and cute

And really loves to cuddle

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I say let’s sit inside all day

She offers her rebuttal

She makes me step outside sometimes

If only for a while

And every time we do

I can’t help but crack a smile

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My puppy, my protector

Although she’s mostly sweet

She barks at anyone she sees

Walking down the street

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I’m thankful that I found the kind of love that keeps on giving

Maple shows me what it means to find the joy in living

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Pupper Blog! Hope everybody enjoys the Holiday!

Published by jdleeabc

I am a lover of animals, especially dogs. I am a blogger and clothing designer and a freelance writer.

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