Dog Tired

The precise origin of this idiom is uncertain. It can be traced back to many works of literature from hundreds of years ago, including Shakespeare who used the term “dog-weary” in his play, The Taming of the Shrew. It means to be extremely tired to the point of exhaustion, and anybody who’s spent enough time around dogs shouldn’t wonder why it was coined. Dogs sleep a lot.

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In fact, dogs spend about half of their day sleeping. We still haven’t figured out exactly why animals and humans sleep, but our best observations have to do with brain activity. Our brains operate constantly between keeping our bodies alive and thinking and controlling our senses and memories, and many other tasks, there is some wear and tear. During sleep, our brains repair some of that wear and tear and our bodies recover from being active all day. It is possible that the act of repairing itself is what makes humans and animals dream.

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Just like humans, dogs need more sleep when they are young and still puppies, and as they age, they begin to sleep more. Puppies are young and their bodies spend a lot of energy growing and learning lots of new things about the world around them. Throughout the day, they will have bursts of energy and then need time to recover and rest. Older dogs have bodies that are slowly failing, which means that their natural recovery functions aren’t as effective as a younger dog’s, and they need more sleep as well. If you notice your dog’s sleeping patterns suddenly change drastically, it is a good idea to seek advice from your vet.

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Many dog owners allow their pets to sleep with them in the bed at night. Maple sleeps with me in my bed. We have a routine, and she likes to get completely under the covers. Most nights, she sleeps near me, just barely touching me, usually with her nose or a paw. Occasionally on those rare but special nights, she cuddles up to me and lays her head on my chest or nuzzles my arm. I love those times, because she’s so soft and warm, and she makes me feel happy.

While there are some downfalls to letting your dog share your bed, there are many benefits as well. Dogs bring lots of people joy, and the benefits to your physical and mental health are measurable and massive. Those benefits can be extended by sharing your bed with your pet. Holding your dog and spending time with your dog can yield very good results for your well-being and for the dog’s, so it isn’t totally a bad idea to share your bed with your loyal furry friend.

Dogs aren’t lazy, they just need lots of sleep to make up for being so awesome throughout the day. So, the next time you’re feeling dog tired, you might want to follow your pupper’s lead and take a nice long nap in a warm sunbeam.

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