The 18,000 year old puppy

It was summertime in Russia and some locals were travelling along the Indigirka River near Yakutsk when they spotted something out of place in the permafrost. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a partially decomposed, but surprisingly well-preserved puppy. Scientists estimate this ancient animal’s age to around 18,000 years ago. They’ve been able to identify the puppy as a male, and have named him Dogor, meaning “friend” in the Yukat language.

They’ve estimated that Dogor passed away after only two short months on this planet. Evidence suggests that he did not struggle as he died, and that he still has his milking teeth. What they haven’t been able to determine is whether Dogor is a dog or a wolf. Early DNA testing results were inconclusive, leaving many to speculate as to his actual species.

Could Dogor be the missing link between dogs and wolves that many believe should have existed? It is possible, given that scientists estimate modern dogs began to emerge 18,000-40,000 years ago, which puts Dogor right on the edge of that timeline meaning this puppy could have been a species somewhere between dog and wolf.

It’s also possible that Dogor represents a third unique species that was related to both wolves and dogs but went extinct leaving only this one specimen as evidence that they even existed at all. We are lucky to have found Dogor, especially to find him so well preserved in the permafrost. His life may not have been long, but that merely belies his significance.

Perhaps Dogor was once a friend to mankind, or maybe had he lived long enough to breed, his offspring would now be prowling the forests in packs. Maybe we’ll never really know the whole truth about who or what Dogor was, but what he has taught us is that there are still a lot of questions to be answered and mysteries to be solved about this wonderful, unique, and ancient planet of ours and the magical and marvelous lifeforms that inhabit it.

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All photos are credited to Sergey Fedorov and The Siberian Times.

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