Do Dogs Sweat?

Lots of people believe that dogs don’t sweat or that they sweat by using their tongue, but the truth is that dogs do sweat, just not in as many places as humans do. Dogs are covered in fur that acts as an insulator that can keep hot air in during the winter seasons and cold air out and in the summertime their fur can keep cool air in while keeping the hot air out. This is only one of their defenses against the heat. Dogs have sweat glands in their feet that help them cool down. They work in pretty much the same way as a human’s sweat glands, only because of their fur, their sweat only comes out in their paw pads, the least furry part of their bodies.

Many people don’t know that dogs can sweat because when dogs get hot, we see them panting and believe that is how they cool down. The truth is that panting is their main way of cooling down, since they only sweat in a small area, rather than all over like humans do. When dogs pant, they send cool air over their damp tongues and noses which helps them cool. They also evaporate some of that moisture which helps cool them. Dogs actually have a lot of small systems in play when it comes to cooling down in hot weather, but they still often need help from humans.

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Overheating isn’t just a problem during the summer months. A dog can become overheated even in cold weather by overexercising or by spending time inside heated buildings or near heaters. Just like we need a comfortable place to stay, dogs do as well, which means giving them access to things like shade and water during the daytime, especially when the weather is hot and even more so if the dog spends a lot of time outside.

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