Can dogs eat celery?

Celery is easy to come by, cheap, and known to be very healthy and a versitile vegetable for cooking. As a man from Louisiana I can tell you that celery is a part of the Cajun Trinity alongside onions and green bell peppers. So, is it a good treat for your dog?

As a matter of fact, celery is a great treat to give to your dog. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals with very few calories and lots of water. It is one of the healthiest snacks for you and your dog. But there are some important things to keep it mind when feeding celery to your dog.

We know celery can be tough to chew sometimes and this is especially true for our pupper friends since they don’t have the kind of teeth that are good for eating vegetables. So when you do food celery to your dog, make sure to chop it into tiny pieces so your canine comrade can consume the celery safely. Large chuncks can pose both a choking hazard and a risk of causing blockages in your puppy’s digestive tract, so make sure the pieces are small enough to avoid those issues.

You may also think that since celery has so few calories, you can feed a lot of it to your pet, but always remember that excess is never good. Treat celery like any other dog treat and give it to your dog in appropriate portions. Celery is not easy for your dog to digest and the large amounts of water in the vegetable can cause health problems like an upset tummy or diarrhea if your dog eats too much. Celery makes for a great snack, but it should not be your dog’s main source of nutrients.

Celery is crunchy and juicy and nutritious. It is a wonderful idea to give to your furry friends as a treat, and they are sure to love it (although, some pets can be picky). If you’re thinking of healthy snacks for your dog, look for celery in your local grocery store and chop some up. It’s simple, cheap, and healthy. It’s a no-brainer!

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