Are dogs really giving kisses?

Everybody knows dogs like to lick people and each other and other animals and just about anything, but there’s something special about the way they lick us, isn’t there?

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There is something special about the way dogs lick people and the fact is we sometimes call them kisses because humans and dogs understand each other on a deep emotional level. Dogs and humans have been together for a very long time and have grown accustomed to living and working together.

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Dogs know what makes people happy, and the fact is that physical contact between dogs and people releases endorphins in everyone involved, making everybody feel a little bit happier. Dogs can pick up on your positive responses to their licking, whether you’re petting them, laughing, smiling, or encouraging the behavior in other ways.

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They may also learn from their mothers at a young age to lick, an instinct dogs have to lick their young and make sure they are clean. Licking is also something dogs just do. Perhaps they like the salty taste of our skin or the taste of whatever else they might lick. Dogs also lick when they are stressed out or when they are trying to calm someone who is stressed out. There are many reasons that a dog might lick. And one of those reasons is because they love you.

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Dogs are intelligent and emotional animals and they express their emotions very clearly through their body language which includes licking or “kisses.”

Whether they’re nervous, excited, or bored, they might lick you or your couch or their paws or anything else nearby and within reach. But, when you come home from work and they’re jumping up with wagging tails and wiggling bodies to try and lick your face, it’s nothing less than a show of affection and love with a little bit of excitement mixed in of course.

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