A walk with Maple

Okay, so to start this out, I watched this video to make sure it worked, and Maple heard me call her name and got super confused, and now she thinks we’re gonna go for a walk again.

Walking with Maple is a fun little adventure every time with new things to discover (usually her discovering things she shouldn’t be eating) and sometimes even nice people to meet. We always start by putting on her harness and retractable leash, and taking that trek down the driveway which always feels like the first steps of an epic journey.

The place we walk is a little bit of a way down the road from where we live, so we have to be extra careful getting there.

She likes to walk on the left side for some reason. It’s her favorite.

There’re always interesting things to sniff.

She likes to keep the woods to her left too, so we always start our walk the same way once we get to the nearby neighborhood.

It’s a pretty little area. It might be shorts and tank top weather down here in the boot, but the trees still have no leaves. I still find the forest to be quite beautiful in winter.

Not that I would call this a forest. I would call them “the woods” but same difference. I like living in Louisiana, because it’s easy to find a wooded area. I spent some time in Denver, and there were almost no trees. Even in our cities down here, there are trees like this.

Lots of tiny blue flowers! The “trail” as I call it is so pretty. There’s always something nice to admire (sometimes it’s a really pretty spider that I almost run into)

Our journey comes in pieces, and the second part is almost finished, you can tell by the bushes up ahead. The first part was walking on the road, remember?

As we pass the ever-abandoned playground, we come upon Maple’s favorite spot of the walk.

See how happy she is? I like this spot too. I think the view is beautiful (even if it is a sewage treatment pond)

There’s a nice fella out there fishing. Hope he has fun! You can barely make him out in-between the fence and the tree.

Ducks! Maple loves the ducks. She always thinks she’s gonna catch one, and always forgets she’s on a leash. Don’t worry, ducks! You’re safe as long as I’m around.

Let me ask you a rhetorical question. How? Hm? How is there bacon out here. Out HERE.

Maple found some bacon out here. I need to teach her to find money, because she’s got skills. To be fair, I can’t remember the last time I DIDN’T bring bacon to a picnic by a pond. Come to think of it, I am bringing bacon to my next picnic.

After our pond excursion, we come to this spot. There are lots of interesting smells in this spot, I can’t imagine why.

Now for the next part of our walk, which is basically just heading back home.

Keeping the woods to our left lets us explore the OTHER side of the road. Yay! I wonder what we might find?

I could tell she was starting to get thirsty. We usually keep our walks to about 10-15 minutes, especially with heat like this. You know what I’m saying? March, am I right? It’s literally like 80 degrees outside my house right now and humid.

Inside those woods are some trails, but they’re usually littered with huge mud puddles because the ground stays perpetually wet in Louisiana.

Oooh! A smell! There are lots of dogs in this neighborhood and they’re always leaving happy smelly surprises around for Maple. It’s hard to see because of the pine needles, but most of these trees have huge ant hills beside them.

Fire ants are just another wonderful perk of living in Louisiana. It’s all worth it to not have snow. I went to Denver in May, and there was still so much snow everywhere. I couldn’t live like that. May is practically the middle of Summer down here.

Tiny yellow flowers! They are so little and so pretty. Maple doesn’t appreciate them as much as I do, but then again, I don’t appreciate the smell of dog pee as much as she does, but we’ve learned to live with each other despite our profound differences.

Here, we make our decision. Which side of the bush wall will we travel along today? I chose the side closest to the ditch this time.

Maple approved of my decision.

This is a trail that we take sometimes to switch it up, or we can circle back around to lengthen our walk. We’re skipping it today. Maybe another time. It’s not big, and it’s usually muddy. The ground is surprisingly dry today. You can still see some mud at the bottom of the dip.

I didn’t film it, but there was something in there moving around. I had to pull Maple away. I didn’t want her to hurt it or it to hurt her. No animals were harmed in the filming of this walk!

Don’t you love modern art? Sometimes I just don’t get it. Looks like trash to me, but someone found something special about it and decided to create this beautiful piece called “Can by a Ditch”

Another yellow flower! This one decided it wanted to live alone. I don’t blame it, crowds are overrated.

The final trek home with such a wonderful view. Nothing but sunshine in our path, we trod along joyously to our comfy home to cuddle.

The ditch must be to our left for some reason. It’s just her thing.

Don’t you just love the greenery? Life flourishes around us even in the least likely places.

Straight to the neighbor’s yard, of course. She got to play with Cole a little bit later (while I was still writing this actually).

I hope you all enjoyed going on a walk with me and Maple today! I will be back next week for more. Make sure to drop a like, follow the blog, and check out our other social media pages for tbh mostly just cute animal pictures. Subscribe to bring a little joy to your feed. Leave a comment if you have something you’d like to add, I really appreciate your participation in my blog. As always, have a lovely week and take care of yourselves and your furry friends.

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