A walk with Maple

Okay, so to start this out, I watched this video to make sure it worked, and Maple heard me call her name and got super confused, and now she thinks we’re gonna go for a walk again. Walking with Maple is a fun little adventure every time with new things to discover (usually her discoveringContinue reading “A walk with Maple”

My neighbor’s dog died today.

Bella was 13 years old. She was a mixed breed small dog and she passed away this morning. My neighbor came over when I was letting Maple out and asked me to help her bury her dog. Bella’s been in my neighbor’s life for twelve years, so she was very sad to find her thisContinue reading “My neighbor’s dog died today.”

Dog Tired

The precise origin of this idiom is uncertain. It can be traced back to many works of literature from hundreds of years ago, including Shakespeare who used the term “dog-weary” in his play, The Taming of the Shrew. It means to be extremely tired to the point of exhaustion, and anybody who’s spent enough timeContinue reading “Dog Tired”

Are dogs mouths cleaner than humans?

There is a common misconception that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans. This idea is widely believed despite the fact that dogs often eat the grossest things they find and have no qualms with licking their own butts. Now, the answer to this question isn’t really a yes or a no, it’s a little moreContinue reading “Are dogs mouths cleaner than humans?”

This is a MUST READ for Beagle owners!

The exact history of the lineage of beagles has been lost in time; although, some speculate that the breed can be traced back to 5th century Greece BCE, which is to say, a really long time ago. The heritage of beagles is believed to be traceable from there to the St. Hubert’s hound, a scentContinue reading “This is a MUST READ for Beagle owners!”

Why is chocolate bad for dogs?

Today, the topic is on why chocolate is toxic to dogs, and what you should do if your pupper eats some. Chocolate is a delicious and universally loved treat. When we think about chocolate, we usually think about milk chocolate in the form of bars. But, there are lots of ways we consume chocolate. HotContinue reading “Why is chocolate bad for dogs?”