Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the home Sounds could be heard Of teeth crunching bones And if you looked closely You’d see little hairs Scattered all over On carpets and chairs On couches and covers On clothes and on floors And little nose smudges On windows in doors And if you shouldContinue reading “Christmas Poem”

The 18,000 year old puppy

It was summertime in Russia and some locals were travelling along the Indigirka River near Yakutsk when they spotted something out of place in the permafrost. Upon closer inspection, they discovered a partially decomposed, but surprisingly well-preserved puppy. Scientists estimate this ancient animal’s age to around 18,000 years ago. They’ve been able to identify theContinue reading “The 18,000 year old puppy”

I’m Thankful for my Puppy

I’m thankful for my puppy She brings me lots of joy And even though she tears them up I bring her lots of toys I’m thankful that I found her And anyone can see Not only did I rescue her But Maple rescued me I’m thankful that she’s sweet and cute And really loves toContinue reading “I’m Thankful for my Puppy”